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Katharina Jasmin Olthuis (Kathi Olthuis) is a German female singer, songwriter, and actress. 


At the age of four she took classical ballet classes and with seven she was already a member of the children's musical ensembles at the Friedrichstadt Palast in Berlin for eleven years.

2008 her spirit was staggered from Berlin then to New York. There she attended the New York Film Academy and took acting lessons by Lee Strasberg 's " Method Acting ".

After this empirical knowledge, it worked promptly to the entrance examination at the drama school in Charlottenburg. 2008-2011 she found next to the " Method Acting " and other theories of the artistic representational process on stage and in 2010 it already has her first engagement in Dresden. Parallel to the art of acting she took singing lessons in Pop, Rock, Country, Gospel and Jazz with Vocal Coaches like Rubina K. Gudbjörnsson , Mike Rubin, Viveca Lindhe , Stefan Vinzberg, Jörn Riemann, Viola Manigk, cooperate, and wrote songs with different music producers for various artists.

2012 she got a songwriting trans-border cooperation with Cheebay Production. 


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